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Lead Generation

-        What is Lead Generation

-        Lead Generation System

-        Measuring and Optimize

1.     What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation simply means a process whereby you go from unknown strangers to sending an enquiry.

i. Traffic Acquisition

Traffic acquisition require 1 important element: consumable content. Consumable content means creating content that are easily understand by visitors, or readers. It may be a product education content or it may be brand awareness content, as long as the message of the content is clear, simple and easy to understand, combine with the right targeting group of audience, we will see traffic and web visitors.

ii. Visitors Funnelling

Once traffics are acquire through various channels and platforms, we need to funnel what type of traffic do these visitors belong to? What brings them to visit your site?  What are their intention? And how are we going to convert these visitors?

iii. Conversion

Once we funnel the visitors and segment them according to their intent, we are able to target them by through various ways of marketing such as email, facebook re-targeting, giving them a valuable offer etc.

2.     Lead Generation System

A lead generation require a process which we need our proprietary marketing automation system to be install at the backend and measure and track every single behaviour of every web visitors and turn them in to what the campaign objectives is or are.

From capturing of web visitors into our marketing automation system, we can assist companies to view all the data in one singular platform which include response rate, leads enquire, visitors IP, database, interest level, brand monitoring and listening.

3.     Measuring and Optimize

Measuring of every visitors behaviour and optimizing it is crucial and important; as we study the data behind the behaviour and translate these data into marketing actions. Optimizing of the whole lead generation is the fundamental as such each campaign we optimize is getting higher in conversion in terms of campaign objectives.

V Channel had helped major brands and companies to create a process flow for lead generation; with clear visibility and understanding of what each data means and how we convert data into executable marketing actions.

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