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  • Which website data metrics should you be measuring?

As with all analytics, there must be essentials to measure. You might be wondering: which are the crucial elements, and why are they important? Here’s a quick guide.


First and foremost, it’s imperative that you measure the web traffic you receive. Exactly how do you do this? By monitoring the number of search queries coming in to your site, as well as finding out which type of search queries generate the most traffic.

This is important – it allows you to further optimize your site by determining and improving on what’s driving your web traffic. You’ll also be able to evaluate the effectiveness of your current site, i.e. you’ll discover what is working for your business and what isn’t.

After which, you can use this information and form effective action plans to improve your website – all backed up with raw data.


If you want your site to be successful, measuring searcher’s intent takes second priority. Through careful tracing and monitoring of the search queries your site receives, you’ll be able to study and analyze this information.

From here on out, you can use this information to determine how your individual customers, at their respective ‘ready to purchase’ levels, match up to specific search queries.

What this data does is allow you to draw concrete links between your web traffic and the effectiveness of various search queries – again, helping you find out what works and what doesn’t. And wouldn’t you want to pursue what works, as proven by web analytics statistics?


Also key is the measuring of conversion rates. This is done by mapping out the number of enquiries your site receives through emails, calls – so on and so forth. Why is this important?

Well, this data provides insight as to how your site is performing. An effective site draws in customers – you’ll be able to tell how your site is holding up in capturing your target online market.


These are the three most crucial web analytics that V-Channel measures for our clients. We use this information to hold regular reviews that are geared towards improving our clients’ businesses. In short, we make it our priority to be invested in your success as you are.