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  • How Web Analytics Measurement can Help You To Acheive and Optimize Your Site Better
  • How V Channel measures and analyse data from Google Analytics for Clients

It seems to be an ongoing trend that business owners underestimate the role and significance of web analytics provision in their hunt for a search marketing agency.

Web analytics can be defined as the “measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of web data for purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage.”1

On the surface level, web analytics simply allows clients to measure and review the web traffic that their site receives. With proper analysis, however, web analytics also functions as a marketing  tool to analyses and conduct business and market research.

Insights of Web Analytics

With valuable information and insight gained into their web traffic statistics, clients are then able to measure the performance of their website, estimate and gauge popularity trends and evaluate their return on investments. In short, web analytics allows you to further your business by both attracting new customers, as well as enhancing your current customers’ digital journeys.

Interestingly enough, most search marketing agencies leave out the provision of web analytics and data reviews in their services.

Using Google Analytics to Measure Web Performance

At V-Channel, we are using Google Analytics (GA) as our primary medium of our client’s web data analysis. We believe that detailed and regular measurement of web analytics is the key to creating a successful, long-running website that remains sensitive and reactive to both your current and future customers’ wants and needs.

V-Channel holds monthly reviews with all our clients to present basic reports, making it our priority to highlight to you the most important and relevant data collected.

On top of this, we also hold quarterly enterprise reports which include in-depth insight into your data: from tracing online searchers’ intents to mapping out web visitors’ journeys, as well as calculating and predicting customer conversion rates.

In order to improve and optimize your site to achieve the best performance and results possible, we are fully committed to developing and implementing various action plans based on our expert analysis of data gained through web analytics.

Point to Take Away:
 Good web analytics measurement is one of the key factors in ensuring the long-standing success of your site.

Choosing a well established and developed search marketing company who puts in the additional effort to hold regular reviews and develop plans to make effective use of your data will be prove to be a valuable investment in mid-long term run.

This is one that is wholly dedicated to your online marketing success.

We will continue in the next article on what metrics does V-Channel measure for clients.


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