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Most of you may have heard about ranking report from your SEO service provider. And there’s nothing more to it. Most companies can’t seem to do anything about these reports other than knowing how their keywords are ranking in search results.

What are you going to do about these SEO ranking reports? Is the report which is given to you serving you any insights that you can take action on?

1. The Fall of Un-Executable Keyword Ranking Report

2. Why You Should Not Take SEO Keywords Ranking Reports as True Insights

3. A New Insights on Web Data

The Fall of Un-Executable Keyword Ranking Report

SEO ranking report does not considered being much of an important measurable report compare to couple of years ago. This is because SEO ranking reports are only serving the purpose of SEO keywords ranking in a particular search engine, and does not give you insights about how this ranking is going to serve you.

SEO ranking report is an un-executable report to most businesses and companies as it fails to give further insights on how your web visitors behave inside your website. This means people who receive this report only know how their SEO keywords ranking stands but not how their web visitors navigate.

Why You Should Not Take SEO Keywords Ranking Reports as True Insights?

True insights are data in which you able to study and analyze what are the next actionable or executable steps you could take base on your web visitors behavior pattern in your website.

Therefore, SEO ranking reports can be only taken as a point of reference but not a true insights or true facts such as ranking for a certain keywords will bring me good traffic or sales. Without any data facts supporting your “thoughts” on SEO keywords, this ranking report can only be a reference on the surface of  true search engine optimization.

A New Insight on Web Data

Web data compromises of several statistics which are put together to give you an insights of how your web visitors interact and engage with your visitors.

And how can these data help your business to improve?

Well, gaining on new insights of data will tell you a story. This story will then expand in to an insight on how you want your web visitors to behave in a certain pattern after analyzing their navigation patterns or surfing patterns and mapping out a roadmap for your marketing purpose. 

This insight is as good as achieving new conversion from your current status to improving online customer experience.


1. SEO Ranking report may be good but still far from giving you a more comprehensive web visitors behavior.

2. True insights is based on measuring how web visitors behave in my website

3.  By analyzing true insights of my web data, you can easily develop a road-map for your marketing purposes that are geared towards these behavior patterns.