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SEO Singapore company had been used to link build its way through blog, articles, directories to improve ranking. However, we had come to an age where search engine optimization in Singapore is no longer the way SEO Company used to rank for particular keywords. Google had its algorithm updates of over 300x during 2013. What make Google update so frequently is due to fact that it is revolutionizing how searchers search for data.

  • Why Structured Data Matter For SEO Singapore?
  • Why Google Love Structure Data?
  • What It Means for SEO Company in Singapore

Why Structured Data Matter For SEO Singapore?

We heard a lot about link building from SEO Singapore clients such as blog, articles, directories, social media and many more platforms to rank a site.

However all these methodology deployed on different platform does not help a website to structure your web data.  Without a proper structure in your site, it means your site have information all over.

Structured data matter because it help to you to categorizes your services or products properly and help ease of navigation too. This improves user experience and enhances visitor’s engagement.

Why Google Love Structure Data?

The answer is because this helps Google to understand website entities better than before. This will also tell Google how you care about your web visitors seriously and how you are industry leader in your niche.

What It Means for SEO Company in Singapore?

SEO Company in Singapore will have to rethink its way of ranking a website in Google. Because things have changed and Google have a strict guideline for proper ranking.  For those who are engaging on SEO Company in Singapore, do know what their SEO methods process is and how they help you to rank your site in the right structure.