Traffic Acquisition
Web Traffic is the foremost important element and aspect of any online marketing. With web traffic, we are able to reach out to our target audience and understand how they behave in your site. We would also be able to funnel and segment web visitors from TOFU – MOFU – BOFU. (*Top of Funnel, Middle of Funnel, Bottom of Funnel.)

Getting web traffic and visitors is the fundamental. There are many different channels to get web traffic. From search engine to social media, from bloggers to influencers, display ads to native ads, these are a few type of contents in each different funnel.

Traffic Acquisition Services:

a.) Paid Traffic:
i. Facebook Advertising
ii. Adwords
iii. Display Banner
iv. Retargeting

b.) Organic Traffic:
i. SEO
ii. Email Marketing
Content Curation
iv. Blog
v. Newsletter
vi. Social Media


What Is Online Marketing?

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