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Brand Awareness

Building Trust and Meaningful Conversations Online

The main objective about brand awareness marketing is message.

When we work with clients on online brand awareness marketing, there are several points we need to find out.
i.) What do your stands for?
ii.) What is the core message?
iii.) What do you want your audience to remember about your brand?

Bringing our client brand core message to the front and amplify it through relevant online platforms; brand awareness marketing is the foremost discuss about during discussion.

There are different strategies and metric that we carry out to amplify brand awareness:

i.) Organic Traffic
Organic traffic refers to audience who view your contents either word-of mouth, or by search engine or by targeting your target audience intention with your product or services in mind. We plan and execute this by understand which areas of problems does your brand try to solve for your target audience, and we target these intentions while they search for related products or services.

ii.) Paid Media
Paid media is a form of traffic generation strategy. The most effective way of using paid media is relevancy. With relevancy, we frame our ads creatives towards your online target audience to better understand your brand products or services.

iii.) Retargeting
Retargeting is used when we want to reach out to audience who had not complete an action we want them to while they are visiting your site. If a visitor’s want to purchase or enquire about your product and services, but did not complete this action, we will re-engage them with content creative through social media, mobile apps, subtly requesting them to re-visit and complete the action.

iv.) Content Creatives
Content creatives instil a good brand impression if there’s a framework and strategy around it. There are various form of contents and creatives that brands can consider.
- Blogs
- Music jingle
- Character mascot that represent your brand
- Short Comic Story Board
- Inforgraphic | Microsite
- Display banners | Newsletter
- Videos | Podcast 
- Influencers
- and many more.

v.) Engagement
Brand engagement can be measure in several way:
- Post Reach | Post Reactions
- Traffic
- Comments
- Messages (Live chat, FB Messenger, Enquiry etc)
- Brand Sentiments Analysis: Measuring of your brand/product/services mentions by online audience in social media, forum, blogs etc.

vi.) Emailers or other forms of touchpoint where your audience are.
Using emails to touch base with interested subscribers and retarget them with value offers is an effective way of letting your audience know you still remember them.

The above are some of the strategy we can plan, execute and measure.

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