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There are many conversations taking places in the internet such as social medias, blogs, forums etc . There are also conversations and topics revolve around your brand’s, your products, your services, or even your organization.

But how can brand’s like you monitor all these mentions?

We help brands to measure what are the conversations and topic that are mentioning and related to the brand. The following are a few types of measurements:

  • URLs
  • Hashtags
  • Keywords
  • Conversations
  • Topics
  • Interests

The goal of this monitoring is to better understand different target markets, ranging from prospects to competitor customers.

V Channel help brands to keep or close watch on brands being mentioned to determine how a brand is perceived, analyse consumer behaviour and identify issues those consumers may have.

Benefits of Measuring:

  • Respond to positive or negative comments
  • Create related content creative that people talked about.
  • Address the fact that your brand care about what people had mentioned
  • Finding who are your brand advocate & Understand your brand conversationalists.  
  • Analysing and understanding the sentiments (feeling) of your brands customers
  • Competitive Analysis: study your competitor’s contents and users, and how we can be a few step ahead of your competitors in user engagement.
  • Increase marketing effectiviness 

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